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CCCOnline, Email [Instructors Access Only]

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D2L Email

Instructors will also have access to D2L's internal email service. Note that this is a separate email account from your CCCOnline, system email. Most instructors use the internal D2L email service to stay in touch with students in their classes since students are able to access this email account inside the D2L platform. Therefore, they don't have to access a separate website or email account to read emails from their instructors.

CCCOnline ( Email Account

CCCOnline instructors are issued a system email with the extension upon hiring. Instructors will use this email when conducting any business with students and others on behalf of CCCOnline. It is important that faculty use their email account to be in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts [FERPA]. Note that this email account may be referred to as a "CCCOnline email", "CCCS email", or "system email", but these names all refer to the same account.

Important Notes:

  • Do NOT set up your account to forward to an outside email address. Once the email is forwarded to a account you are not incompliance with FERPA.
  • Your D2L email and your email are different systems. They do not work together and have different logins.
  • To access your email on your mobile device, you will need to use the Outlook Web Access address. It is recommended that you do NOT download your emails to a non-CCCS device.

How will I receive notification my email account is ready to use?

  • For newly hired faculty, your email address will be issued once you have completed the appropriate training course, completion of your New Hire paperwork and a background check.
  • Once your email address account is created by CCCS-IT, you will receive an email from the CCCOnline HR Liaison with your email address, log in credentials, how to log in, and your temporary password.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my email account?

For assistance with password resets or other questions about your email account, create a ProfHelp ticket.

The Profhelp ticket is located in the CCCOnline portal>Faculty tab>Faculty Gateway Access Widget>Faculty Assistance>Click ProfHelp CCCS E-Mail Request Form.


How do I access my CCCS. edu email?

  1. Portal--Log in to the portal from the website>Locate the CCCOnline eMail Access widget>Click the CCCS Email Access (OWA) link
  2. Outlook Web Access [OWA]--Use
    1. Domain name: cccs\XXXX [first initial of first name & full last name unless otherwise specified in the information sent from HR]
    2. Password: XXXXX [temporary password provided from HR or Profhelp]

How Do I Change My Email Password

Note: If your password has expired, you will need to submit a ProfHelp ticket, which can be found in the CCCOnline portal>Faculty tab, for a password reset. Currently, you cannot change your password unless you log into OWA.

  1. Log in to your CCCS email using OWA,

  2. Click the Options icon at the top right of the screen>Choose Change Your Password.

    User-added image

  3. From the Change Password window enter your current password, new password and confirm your new password [Note: Use the password guidelines below when selecting your new password]

  4. Click Save.

CCCS Email Passwords expire every 60 days.

Note: Your new password must 8 characters or longer & MUST include any 3 of the following - upper case, lower case, numbers [0-9], special characters [for example* # $ % ! @]. You may not repeat a password for 24 password resets.

What is the maximum file size for attachments for CCCS Email?

When attaching a file to your email the maximum file size is 3Mb.

How do I access my email using my Smart phone?

Click the following link to access a .pdf file with configuration information: Connecting your Smart Phone to Exchange

Note: This information is provided as a courtesy for faculty. We do not support devices that are not state owned.

How will I know when my password is about to expire?

On a PC, the expiration notice comes up 14 days before the password needs to be changed, while on a Mac, it comes up a full 30 days before it needs to be changed. You will begin to see a notification at the top of the Outlook Web Access [OWA] window prompting you to change your password, see screenshot below.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, you will not receive a password expiration notification.




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