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Announcements - Posting an Announcement (Instructor)

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Announcements - Posting an Announcement (Instructor)

Announcements post timely information critical to course success. You can add, modify, and remove announcements via the Announcements tool in the Control Panel. This tool is ideal to post time-sensitive material such as
  • when assignments are due
  • changes in the syllabus
  • corrections/clarifications of materials
  • exam schedules
Note: For a video tutorial about working with Announcements, please click

To post an announcement, please perform the following steps: 
  1. In the Control Panel, select Course Tools, then select Announcements.
    • NOTE: If you do not see the Announcements tool, in the Control Panel select Customization then Tool Availability.  Be sure all of the tools you want to use in your course are checked.
  2. Click the Create Announcement button.
    • NOTE: If you do not see this button, make sure Edit Mode is ON. The Edit Mode control is located in the top far-right of the course page.
  3. On the Create Announcement page, enter the subject (required), which becomes the title of the announcement on the Announcements page. Enter the details of the announcement in the text editor.
      Create Announcement Options
    • Subject (required):  This is the first line of the announcement; keep it brief. Click the drop-down arrow to choose a different color for the subject line.
    • Message: Type directly into the field or copy and paste text from another word processing document. With the Visual Text Editor, announcements can not only contain formatted text, but images, multimedia, and links. Announcements can be saved as Reusable Objects and stored in the Content Collection.
      • NOTE: If the Visual Text Editor is not showing, go to My Places > Personal Information to set your global availability of the editor.
    • Duration: A permanent announcement will remain displayed unless date and time restrictions are entered. Permanent Announcements appear above announcements that are not permanent. You can choose Date Restricted if you do not want the announcement as permanent status.
      • NOTE: If you want to move an older announcement to the top of the list, choose Permanent.  For multiple permanent announcements, the one with the most recent date stamp appears at the very top. However, announcements can be manually re-ordered by dragging the vertical arrow to left of the item.
    • Select Date Restrictions (for Date Restricted option): Optionally set a beginning and ending date/time for the announcement.  If you do not set any date restrictions, then the announcement appears in the order it was posted. If a future time is set, check Display After to show the announcement then.  If it should expire on a certain date, check Display Until which removes the announcement on the specified date and time.
    • Course Link: You can create a link within the announcement text to an item in the course. Click Browse to view the Course Map and select the item to link to. If the link points to a content item that is not available, the link will not appear in the announcement until the content is available.  Note that removing the content will remove the link to the content in the announcement but the announcement itself will remain.
  4. Click Submit when done, or click Cancel to discard the changes.
Announcements appear in the order that they are posted, with the most recent appearing first, unless an instructor manually reorders them and/or if there are ones marked Permanent. Links to announcements are also displayed in the following areas of the system:
  • In the My Announcements module, which appears on the course Home Page.
  • The Announcements page in the course or organization. Announcements may be accessed via a link (if included) on the Course Menu, or via the Tools link on the Course Menu.



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