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Wikis - Adding a Campus Pack Wiki (Instructor)

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Wikis - Adding a Campus Pack Wiki (Instructor)

Campus Pack Wikis are shared web spaces (web pages) that students and instructors can post material to and edit collaboratively. As the instructor, you can decide who is allowed to view, edit, and add content to, a Campus Pack Wiki.
You can use a Campus Pack Wiki for student collaboration on a document, team project, group report, or any other collaborative exercise.
Note: Campus Pack Wikis were available in Blackboard 7.3. Blackboard 9.1. uses the latest version of Campus Pack Tools.


Synchronize Campus Pack

To begin the process, synchronize Campus Pack. Do this from the Control Panel.
In the Control Panel:
  1. Click the down arrow next to Course Tools, then select Manage Campus Pack.
  2. Select Synchronize Course. The process may take a while. When the process is complete, Campus Pack Operation in Progress window says Done.

Add a Campus Pack Wiki:

Navigate to the area in your course in which you want to add the Wiki, and click Add Interactive Tool, then Campus Pack Wiki.
  1. In the Create New or Linked Wiki window:
  • Click the button for New. Note: You can choose Link to an Existing Wiki.  Existing Wikis appear in the box below the button.
  • Click Submit.
  1. In the Add Content page:
  • Enter a title for the Wiki.
  • Enter a Description.
  • To grade the Wiki, click the checkbox for Create Gradebook Entry. Note: You can choose not to grade the Wiki by leaving the box unchecked.
  • Enter Grade Center Entry name.
  • Enter Points Possible.
  • Set grade display options - click Display Grades to Students box, or leave it unchecked.
  • Click Add.
  1. To begin the Wiki and provide students with instructions for how to proceed with content development:
  • Click Add New Page, and enter a title.
  • Enter a title, then click Continue.
  1.  Enter content in the new page.
  • Click Save and Exit. Note: Click Save if you want to continue editing the Wiki.
  1. View the CP Wiki in your course. Click View to open.



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